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Due to staff illness, the lunch menu will be unavailable for a while.
Only one type is offered.
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.


Today's Lunch Menu

[Fugu Lunch]

[Tiger puffer fish sashimi, small puffer fish hotpot, fried chicken

・Small bowl of fugu , rice, pickles】

1,390 yen (tax included)

The 5th, 15th, and 25th of every month

Motsunabe Nagata Lunch Day

[Motsunabe Nagata] is a mail-order item that is so delicious it's a hot topic

It's actually our sister store!

Japanese Black Beef Motsu is soft and full of collagen!

You can also get some vegetables in for a healthy lunch!

* Garlic is not included, so add it if you like.

Back of business card Copy of copy of BAR (9.1 × 5.5 cm).png

1,180 yen (tax included)

IMG_0314 (1).JPG

The 29th of every month

Tiger pufferfish (29) Lunch day

Tiger pufferfish delivered directly from Shimonoseki

We offer special offers once a month!

Sashimi, fried chicken, stewed fish, and hotpot [All kinds of tiger pufferfish]

You can even add rice porridge!

It's perfect for a drink in the afternoon!

1,390 yen (tax included)

Ordering Information

Motsunabe Nagata &
Fuguhiro's Tiger Fugu Set

Our proud [Tiger pufferfish]

We offer mail order motsunabe (offal hotpot) from our sister restaurant.

Please see the website above.

Blowfish sashimi.jpg
Back of business card Copy of copy of BAR (9.1 × 5.5 cm).png
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