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Our commitment to tiger pufferfish

All the fugu we use in our restaurant is tiger fugu.

Live pufferfish is butchered and aged for five days to maximize its sweetness and flavor.

In addition, we do not use any pufferfish other than tiger pufferfish, such as true pufferfish .

Attention to taste

In addition to sashimi, we also recommend dishes such as fried chicken, chawanmushi, and fugu hotpot.

The broth is prepared from scratch by top chefs who have trained at famous restaurants in Fukuoka.


Price Focus

We visited the area many times and established our own distribution routes.

We are proud to offer unbeatable prices and food quality.

Attention to detail in tableware

To make your dining experience even more enjoyable,

The tableware used is Arita ware, Imari ware, and Hasami ware.

Please enjoy our carefully selected tableware as well!!

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